Pastor’s Corner

Dr. Joseph M. Hutchinson, Pastor

Dr. Joseph M. Hutchinson, Pastor

Dr. Joseph Hutchinson loves the Lord. He is born again, full of praise for God and is dedicated to excellence in service to all generations.

He is outgoing, people oriented, warm, highly motivated, yet principled. He is an experienced pastor, in Church Leadership, Pastoral Administration and Evangelism. Through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, he led 7000 plus delivered souls to Christ.

He is married to Fay Alvaranga for 40 years, who serves in team ministry and as a Health Administrator operates her own assisted living community. Blessed with 3 adult children and 4 grand children.

Pastor Hutchinson has provided pastoral leadership to several Districts including: Edmondson Heights, Baltimore, Maryland, Community, Englewood, New Jersey, Hadley-Emmanuel Congregations in the Greater Washington DC area.

He was elected and served as Church Ministries, ADRA, Sabbath School, Personal Ministries, Director and Executive Secretary for the Central Jamaica Conference. Co-founder of CJC Ministerial Fraternity. Served as Social Worker for District of Columbia Government.

He is a graduate of Northern Caribbean University, Andrews University, Howard University and Advent Remnant Theological Seminary.

He enjoys athletics, walking, swimming, golf, and championship sports. His motto: 'transforming lives through love and Spirit anointed ministry'.

Come and share in dynamic ministry with me and Agape Advent Fellowship Congregation, 'Loving God Completely and All Others Unconditionally'.


Seventh-day Sabbath (Saturdays): 2:00 pm

Passcode: 031644