April 10, 2021

“A Much More”

Passage: John 15:4-8
Service Type:

Agape Advent Fellowship Sabbath Worship Service, April 10, 2021: Sermon by Dr. Joseph M. Hutchinson, Pastor.

Disciples who enjoy Christian Stewardship celebrate the following

Like Moses in Exodus 34:29-35
1. Spend Much More time in God’s Presence
2. Experience the Resulting Transformation
3. Living in God’s presence or Life in the Presence of God
4. God’s Expectation - John 15:3, 4-8, Malachi 3: 10-13, Malachi 3: 8-9
5. Position for a place of ‘Much More Than Enough’

Live Like Moses, Abram, Jacob, Apostles, Macedonians, and Christ

Sabbath Worship Sermons
Temple Hills, MD

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